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  Website Design & Development

Custom Websites

Have you ever been to a website and left after just a few short seconds?  Why? In most cases it is because you didn’t find the information you were looking for immediately; or simply because it was not visually appealing.  Our expert marketers and designers will study your market and create effective high converting designs.

  • Friendly, attractive websites that grab your visitor’s attention.
  • Clear call-to-action that drive visitors to act!
  • Conversion oriented sites so you can measure your marketing ROI.

Every one of our websites is custom designed from the ground up so that it will fit your business strategy to create the outcome that you desire.  Whether you desire an informational site, a site to sell your products and services, or an interactive site that engages and inspires your visitors, we can accomplish it for you.

Our Typical Design Process.

Discovery. We will start with discovery sessions to understand your business needs, what you desire to accomplish and take into consideration your current business operations.  This will allow give us a clear understanding of the best approach for your design.

Market Research. Once we understand your business, operations, current strategy, target market we will conduct a short market research study to determine the best approach.  Once this is done we will propose our ideas to you and receive your blessings.

Planning. At this point we have a solid understanding of your business, business needs and target market.  Now we will begin the process of laying out your site design.  This includes designing a simple wire frame of the site and then proceeding with developing the site aesthetics, including the look and feel, colors and overall layout.  If you already have branding we will proceed with your current branding.  If your business needs a brand refresh, we can provide full service branding and logo design. At this stage we will also require that you provide us with the site copy or we can offer you to our expert copywriting services. Remember this is the most important stage of the process so that we can ultimately help you achieve the greatest ROI; whether it is leads, sales or phone calls.

Design.  Our expert design team will now begin the process of designing the homepage of your site.  Once this is completed we will send you a draft so that we can make any revisions.  We will then proceed to designing the rest of the site. 

Development.  At this point the entire site will have been designed and finalized.  If the site requires a CMS (content management system) we will integrate it appropriately.  Depending on your business model, you may additionally require an eCommerce system or Affiliate Marketing system. All of our design work is completed with the latest industry web development standards so that you are on the cutting edge.

Testing. Once your site design and coding is complete we will conduct user testing to ensure that all functionality works as it is intended.

Handoff. At this point, your site is finalized and we will either host your site on your server or we can host your site on our dedicated servers.

The web design and development process is quite simple as we will guide you through the entire process and make sure that everything is moving along smoothly.  Now that’s a Fresh Twist!


Content Management System

Giving you the ultimate flexibility with powerful tools that you can learn in minutes!

Our CMS (content management system) gives you ultimate flexibility and empowers you to adjust your website freely as it changes and grows. 

Outstanding Content Management System Features

Easy Editing
Our web-based editor is so easy to use. It lets you edit text, add images, embed media, create links, and much more — all through simple-to-use tools (“what you see is what you get”).

Photo Gallery
The absolute simplest photo gallery tool. Just upload your digital images and you've got an instant slide-show built right in. Choose from a variety of ways to display your images. Also, you can reorder, rename, and even add rich-text captions to your images.

Form Builder
Quickly add contact forms, surveys, sign-up forms, applications, registrations and more with our elegant form builder which is seamlessly integrated into the CMS. Get entries emailed to you or export them to a spreadsheet.

Allow website visitors to easily share content with others. Users enter their friends' email addresses and our system sends email content that you have pre-created complete with personalized content from the user.

Easily integrate video from popular services like YouTube™, Vimeo, and You can also upload and embed your own video using Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, or many other popular formats.

Our CMS was built from the ground up to be search engine friendly. Standards-based mark-up, clean code, friendly URLs, 301 redirects, robots.txt, easy Google Analytics integration, meta tag editing, and sitemap tools make sure your website can achieve great rankings.

Syndicate your blog content with built-in RSS functionality. Let users subscribe and they'll always get the latest information from your website delivered right to them.

Built-in Image Editor
Upload, resize, crop, rotate, flip and resave images right inside the interface. No need to utilize external image editing software when everything can be done right on our system.

FTP access
Advanced users will appreciate the ability to upload and manage files and designs directly on the web server via FTP.

Podcasts are a snap with the power of our Blog and RSS syndication features. Simply attach your media files to blog posts and send out your feed.

File Management
Upload images, documents, flash files and other media to the server with easy to use controls. Organize your files into folders. Edit images directly on the server.

Website Search
Our website search allows your visitors to quickly find the things they're searching for, and because it's built-in you'll keep those visitors on your website.

Check out real-time, built-in website traffic statistics. You'll see which pages are popular and where visitors are coming from.

Secure Private Content
Any page or portion of a page can be locked down with custom permissions allowing you to create members-only content or even an entire intranet.

Users and Roles
Add multiple users to your site and assign them to customized roles. You can specify the content each person can edit or even view. The system features enterprise-level user management.

Manage events and display calendars in a variety of ways. Already using another calendar service like Google™ Calendar? Display data from those external calendars on your website using iCal feeds.

Continual Upgrades
Because it's a hosted service, we can add new features at any time and you don't have to do a thing. New features are added regularly at no additional cost to you.

Cross-browser Compatibility
All you need is a web browser — any web browser. Our system works across all operating systems (Windows and Mac) and across all major browsers.



Simple, Friendly, Expandable! Today's online business needs an eCommerce solution with powerful functionality that they can easily manage, and deliver.

Simple.Our ecommerce software provides every ecommerce tool you need to easily manage your online store, ship and track orders, and accept and process payments in real time.

Friendly. Your success in the fast-paced world of online retail relies on providing a pleasant shopping experience for your customers. Fully integrated with your custom design, our user-friendly shopping cart boasts online order tracking and quick and easy checkout.  Our shopping cart software provides your customers with an experience that will have them visiting your online store, again and again.

Expandable. As your business expands, so should your online store. As a scalable ecommerce solution, we provide you with solutions that will easily grow with your business, always accommodating your growing and changing inventory. Our software platform is reliable and rapidly scalable.  As software upgrades are released you will receive them at no additional charge.


Affiliate Marketing Technology

Want to grow your customer base exponentially?  Want to replicate your business hundreds or thousands of times?  Affiliate marketing is where it’s at.  Fresh Twist Media believe that ‘sharing is caring’ and one of the easiest and fastest ways to create massive exposure to your products or services is to create an affiliate based offer that anyone can promote and benefit from by receiving a commission on sales.

We have several affiliate managements platforms running on several of the websites we have developed and they all come with our basic features that allow the website to run a fully functional affiliate program.  Read more to find out about how an affiliate marketing program can help your business grow exponentially!

General Platform
Our general platform allows Affiliates have the ability to log into the system, run multiple campaigns, track conversions and view commissions. Administrators are able to create an unlimited number of affiliate groups with different permission levels, and pay-out levels.  You can also have private products which are available only affiliates logged-in, this determines what groups are allowed to see the products and the price-point.

Campaign Management
The platform allows affiliates to generate any number of campaign codes. This gives them the flexibility to track their marketing efforts closely. Affiliates can use the provided marketing creative’s (banners, emails, etc.) directly from the back-office, which are automatically associated to the campaign or sub_ID.  The system supports up to 15 sub_ID’s allowing you and your affiliates to further breakdown and optimize your data.

Replicated Website
The affiliate platform allows you to create unlimited replicated sites for your affiliates. For example ‘John’s’ affiliate site would be,  In addition, the technology allows affiliates to add an image (logo, picture) and description with a custom welcome on the homepage of their replicated site. This feature works well for affiliates who like to advertise the site on their business card or other direct means. 

Custom Payouts
This allows you to have great leverage to give a Network, who will send thousands of customers a better margin without having to change it for everyone.  The system allows for multiple payout schedules to be created; they can be for product groups, affiliate levels or for individual products types.

Earnings View
Our real-time technology gives you a clear view of how many sales are coming through so you can manage your inventory, customer service and merchant processing accurately.   Staying flexible and on-top of these numbers is critical, and you will have this reporting at your finger-tips. 

Compensation Plans
Every business has its very own unique price points, margins and therefore the compensation plans are also made to fit your business specifications. Included in our compensation modules we offer standard simple and network marketing based models, including binary, matrix, and uni-level compensation models.  If your business requires a custom compensation module, have no worries, we can build it for you. 


Social Network Platform

Spread, grow and captivate your most loyal customers with Fresh Twist Media’s incredible, custom built social media platform.  Our platform allows any business that is serious about creating a niche community, building lasting relationships, consumer loyalty and deploying integrated marketing programs the ability to do so with ease.

User Management
Administrators have full access to all content on the site.  They are able to delete posts, video or manipulate the user’s content.  Through the permission settings, administrators can allow a user more access (i.e. forum moderator, etc.) If you have unscrupulous users, you can also ban users from the system and pull their entire profile.

Content Management
Keep your network safe and protected.  The system has a sophisticated filtering system that allows you to determine language that you want to block, by entering the word or phrase (i.e. swear words, competitors).  Additional filtering based on the language filter blocks adult content (or any content you choose) and sends it to the red flag dashboard where the content can be reviewed by an administrator.

Internal Communications
Administrators have the ability to send PM’s (private messages) and email to any of the users in the system through a communication panel. If you have a global message, you can also choose to send it to the entire community.

Friend Management
Invite, grow and spread the word!  Any member of the social network is able to invite someone to be a friend and to join their network. This is done directly from their profile; they may also accept or reject the offer. Once a member is a friend their activity gets tracked on your wall and you are able to see if they are logged in and using the system.

Friends of Friends
Expand your circle of influence!  As a user, you have the ability to see the networks of friends that are associated with you in a circle of friends.  This is a great way to expand your network, meet new people and create lasting relationships.  As in other networks, you can easily see the ‘associations’ to your other friends.

Profile Management
Here is the fun part.  Each member is able to log in and participate in the community. They have several options for managing their personal profiles, including uploading pictures, stating their likes/dislikes, editing their personal and public information, etc.

Status Update
Let people know what you are up to.  Each member can simply update their status through a ‘mood’, availability or comment.  Everyone who is that members’ friend view can see the status update.  

Community Wall
Stay in-touch with what is going on with your friends at a quick glance.  Based on the approved friends, you are able to see all the activity of the community you are associated with. This includes pictures, videos, blog posts, comments, etc.

Wall Commenting
Make it personal!  As a member, you can post on other members approved walls.  You can post a comment, video or picture, or make comments to existing wall posts. 

Multi-user Image Gallery
Each member is able to create and maintain their own image gallery. They are able to add in as many pictures as they would like and the system will resize the images appropriately. There is a gallery view and individual expanded picture view.

Multi-user Video Channel
Share the message and spread the word.  Our platform allows each member to have their own video channel. Upload a video, let it gain popularity and it can ultimately be seen under “videos being watched now” found on the homepage.

Multi-user Blogging
Each member is able to simply and easily create and maintain their own personal blog. Blog entries will post to the members wall as well as to their individual blog section. Images can be added directly to the blog post and are also added to the picture gallery simultaneously.  Members are able to allow or disallow comments from others.

Music Player
Hear my music, hear their music, and hear your music.  Each user can upload their music and have it play in the flash music player provided right on their profile page.  Works with most file formats; each song is converted on the server to the right file format giving flexibility to the user.

Personal Calendar
Have an event?  Share the date.  Each member is able to post information directly to their personal calendar. Calendar categories are color coded as defined by the user. User can enter in repeating events and set reminders in the system. See events by month, week, day or agenda views.

Create a conversation, ask a question or debate a topic.  Our social platform is integrated with a fully functioning forum and user administration. Permissions to control and run a forum are set on a user-by-user basis. Administrators define forum titles and are able to grant moderators permission to manage different posts. The forums are multi-user based and very intuitive.

Red Flag Dashboard
Keep you network clean and safe from harmful messages or spammers.  Our system comes with a red flag dashboard where admin can review questionable content being added to the system. Flagged content cannot be seen until approved by an administrator.

User Flagging
Sometimes users can get out of hand, or you may find that the community may become very large.  Any section that has post-able content from the forums to videos can be flagged by a community member as inappropriate.

Quota Limit
 Administrators are able to put total size and storage limits on different permission levels if so desired to control the amount of content added by users.

Additional Admin Features

  • Search/Moderate Users
  • Search/Moderate User Content
  • Opt out Email Blast System
  • Complete reporting/tracking of User Content/Activity
  • CMS to manage static page content
  • And more…

Platform Infrastructure

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft ASP.Net 3.5
  • Adobe Flash 10.1


Custom Blogs

The power of a blog can transform your business.  Creating a custom blog for your business may be one of the most important things you can do for your business.  It produces value, allows your candid opinions to be heard, creates interaction and link to all of your other sites. 

A blog can be your main website, or it can be the ‘hub’ to all of your content.  See how a blog can help your business grow.

  • Increases value to ‘prospects’ through regularly updated blog posts.
  • Becomes the ‘hub’ to all of your content, sites and links, including social media.
  • Increase your SEO visibility with an optimized Word Press blog, one of the easiest ways to get exposure.
  • It can be easily updated and managed, even directly from your Smartphone.

All of our blogs are custom built on the Word Press platform to suit your specific business needs and allow the flexibility so that you can be in control of your content, message and growth. 



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