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Have you ever been to a website and left after just a few short seconds?  Why? In most cases it is because you didn’t find the information you were looking for immediately; or simply because it was not visually appealing.  Our expert marketers and designers will study your market and create effective high converting designs.

  • Friendly, attractive websites that grab your visitor’s attention.
  • Clear call-to-action that drive visitors to act!
  • Conversion oriented sites so you can measure your marketing ROI.

Every one of our websites is custom designed from the ground up so that it will fit your business strategy to create the outcome that you desire.  Whether you desire an informational site, a site to sell your products and services, or an interactive site that engages and inspires your visitors, we can accomplish it for you.

Our Typical Design Process.

Discovery. We will start with discovery sessions to understand your business needs, what you desire to accomplish and take into consideration your current business operations.  This will allow give us a clear understanding of the best approach for your design.

Market Research. Once we understand your business, operations, current strategy, target market we will conduct a short market research study to determine the best approach.  Once this is done we will propose our ideas to you and receive your blessings.

Planning. At this point we have a solid understanding of your business, business needs and target market.  Now we will begin the process of laying out your site design.  This includes designing a simple wire frame of the site and then proceeding with developing the site aesthetics, including the look and feel, colors and overall layout.  If you already have branding we will proceed with your current branding.  If your business needs a brand refresh, we can provide full service branding and logo design. At this stage we will also require that you provide us with the site copy or we can offer you to our expert copywriting services. Remember this is the most important stage of the process so that we can ultimately help you achieve the greatest ROI; whether it is leads, sales or phone calls.

Design.  Our expert design team will now begin the process of designing the homepage of your site.  Once this is completed we will send you a draft so that we can make any revisions.  We will then proceed to designing the rest of the site. 

Development.  At this point the entire site will have been designed and finalized.  If the site requires a CMS (content management system) we will integrate it appropriately.  Depending on your business model, you may additionally require an eCommerce system or Affiliate Marketing system. All of our design work is completed with the latest industry web development standards so that you are on the cutting edge.

Testing. Once your site design and coding is complete we will conduct user testing to ensure that all functionality works as it is intended.

Handoff. At this point, your site is finalized and we will either host your site on your server or we can host your site on our dedicated servers.

The web design and development process is quite simple as we will guide you through the entire process and make sure that everything is moving along smoothly.  Now that’s a Fresh Twist!




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