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Want to grow your customer base exponentially?  Want to replicate your business hundreds or thousands of times?  Affiliate marketing is where it’s at.  Fresh Twist Media believe that ‘sharing is caring’ and one of the easiest and fastest ways to create massive exposure to your products or services is to create an affiliate based offer that anyone can promote and benefit from by receiving a commission on sales.

We have several affiliate managements platforms running on several of the websites we have developed and they all come with our basic features that allow the website to run a fully functional affiliate program.  Read more to find out about how an affiliate marketing program can help your business grow exponentially!

General Platform
Our general platform allows Affiliates have the ability to log into the system, run multiple campaigns, track conversions and view commissions. Administrators are able to create an unlimited number of affiliate groups with different permission levels, and pay-out levels.  You can also have private products which are available only affiliates logged-in, this determines what groups are allowed to see the products and the price-point.

Campaign Management
The platform allows affiliates to generate any number of campaign codes. This gives them the flexibility to track their marketing efforts closely. Affiliates can use the provided marketing creative’s (banners, emails, etc.) directly from the back-office, which are automatically associated to the campaign or sub_ID.  The system supports up to 15 sub_ID’s allowing you and your affiliates to further breakdown and optimize your data.

Replicated Website
The affiliate platform allows you to create unlimited replicated sites for your affiliates. For example ‘John’s’ affiliate site would be,  In addition, the technology allows affiliates to add an image (logo, picture) and description with a custom welcome on the homepage of their replicated site. This feature works well for affiliates who like to advertise the site on their business card or other direct means. 

Custom Payouts
This allows you to have great leverage to give a Network, who will send thousands of customers a better margin without having to change it for everyone.  The system allows for multiple payout schedules to be created; they can be for product groups, affiliate levels or for individual products types.

Earnings View
Our real-time technology gives you a clear view of how many sales are coming through so you can manage your inventory, customer service and merchant processing accurately.   Staying flexible and on-top of these numbers is critical, and you will have this reporting at your finger-tips. 

Compensation Plans
Every business has its very own unique price points, margins and therefore the compensation plans are also made to fit your business specifications. Included in our compensation modules we offer standard simple and network marketing based models, including binary, matrix, and uni-level compensation models.  If your business requires a custom compensation module, have no worries, we can build it for you. 




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